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About Us

Finding its roots in Melbourne, Australia, Decor is one of the most sought after brands for its innovative designs, functionality, and quality. The brand is already a favorite for many households in the land down under, and that’s where we stepped it – How Decor met Smart Living.

Smart Living Retail is an eclectic mix of passion and motivation. As Decor, we’ve created our place in the Indian market for 2 years now. Our objective? Give the Indian consumer a fresh look at storage.

That’s why today we give you the most diverse range of products to choose from. Whoever you are, whatever you do, there’s always some part of your life where Decor can fit in. Adding a fun spin to “unity in diversity”, we’re also highly driven to think outside the box (with our boxes).

Our vision for the future is highly motivated, and every smile our brand creates is our ultimate reward.

Vibrant, fun, functional, quirky, exciting.

There’s a little bit of Decor in all of us, and now that you’re here, we hope to create a stronger bond with you. Together, let’s take a fresh look at life!

Story of Storage

Story of Storage

The story of storage is one that revolves around evolution and innovation. A homemaker is as possessive of their storage containers. Remember when mom would pack your favorite dish in a tiffin box? And later say “Don’t you dare forget the box!” Well, the tradition exists even today, but we’ve added our own twist to it.

Today, we at Decor have created a new relationship between the old and the new through changes in design, improvements in technology, better functionality, and the promise of quality.

Lunch? Dinner date? Meal at work? Heading to the gym? Whatever your needs, we have the perfect companion for you.

The story of storage continues, and we hope that you’ll write the next chapters with us.

Welcome to the Decor Family!



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