Wall Garden

DCR 2127PT

Pewter & Teal Color

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The decor garden self-watering wall garden is perfect in all spaces. You only need wall space to hang it. Choose from two colours - pewter/teal and latte/pewter. Each UV resistant plant pot, made from virgin PP material, has a built-in water well. Pot your plant normally in regular potting mix and the water well keeps the soil moist. Top up the water well as required. When the plant pot is used outdoors, rainwater seeps through the soil and collects in the water well for later use. Any excess water seeps out into the water well. Before you go on holiday, remove your plants from strong sunlight, water them from the top to make the soil really moist, then top up the water well. Depending on the conditions and type of plants, your self-watering plant pots can provide your plant's water needs for extended periods.

 Great piece of decor, UV resistant : The Decor garden self-watering wall the garden is perfect for alfresco areas, balconies or even

Unique Features

  • Dual pot design
  • No-leak, self-watering system
  • Versatile clip system for easy hanging and removal
  • Ventilated base for aerated roots
  • Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Lightweight and no mess

Usage Guide

  • Fill the base with water before placing the soil and plant in the pot
  • Water needs to be changed only once in 2 weeks when kept indoors
  • Outdoor plants can sustain up to 4 weeks between watering cycles as rainwater is collected


  • Enhance the beauty of your home, both indoors and outdoors, with these simple yet classic pots!
  • Perfect for alfresco areas, balconies, backyards, and even indoors
  • Suitable for small herbs and plants
  • Install it yourself, water once, and then leave the rest to the pot!