Wall Garden

DCR 2127LP

Latte & Pewter Color

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Engage in a hobby that is wonderful for your home and the environment – Gardening! And since you can’t always be around to make sure your plants are watered and healthy, our super convenient Self-watering Pots are the perfect solution! A modern, sustainable way to add the beauty of nature inside and outside your home.

Unique Features

  • Dual pot design
  • No-leak, self-watering system
  • Versatile clip system for easy hanging and removal
  • Ventilated base for aerated roots
  • Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Lightweight and no mess

Usage Guide

  • Fill the base with water before placing the soil and plant in the pot
  • Water needs to be changed only once in 2 weeks when kept indoors
  • Outdoor plants can sustain up to 4 weeks between watering cycles as rainwater is collected


  • Enhance the beauty of your home, both indoors and outdoors, with these simple yet classic pots!
  • Perfect for alfresco areas, balconies, backyards, and even indoors
  • Suitable for small herbs and plants
  • Install it yourself, water once, and then leave the rest to the pot!