TS Oblong Baking Dish

DCR 2205

500ml Capacity

Blue Color

Bakers and cake-lovers, ahoy! Our Thermostone ceramic bakeware range is a perfect choice! Available in 4 smart sizes, and you can bake, serve, store, freeze, and reheat comfortably. The stylish colors and design add that extra vibrancy to your kitchen.

Unique Features

  • Made from high quality ceramic
  • 100% airtight with air vent
  • Resistant to stain and odourless
  • Comes with unique silicone realseal
  • Can be used in oven, microwave, and freezer

Usage Guide

  • Open the air vent to remove lid
  • Place ingredients and bake
  • Can sustain temperatures of up to 500C
  • To reheat, place in microwave
  • Do not put the hot dish on a cold or wet surface
  • From oven to freezer to table top

For the chef in you

  • Cheesy pastas
  • Single-serve cakes
  • Rice and noodle bake
  • Veg and non veg bakes
  • Perfect a single person