MY Soup Mug

DCR 1445

Red Color

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Embrace flexibility in the kitchen with Micro Yoga! This cookware range has been specifically designed for the microwave, and making cooking easier than it has ever been!

Unique Features

  • Full-meal soup making in microwave
  • Scratch resistant lid with air vent
  • Stain resistant red base
  • Safe-hold handle for lifting
  • Leak and spill resistant

Usage Guide

  • Place ingredients for soup making /reheating
  • Release air vent and place in microwave for cooking
  • Use the safe-hold handle to life the jug out of the microwave and pour
  • From microwave to table top to freezer

For the chef in you

  • Great for making all types of soups with vegetables/meat
  • Can be consumed directly from the soup mug
  • Also safe to carry soup on-the-go
  • Store in the fridge to use the next day
  • Perfect quantity of soup for 1-2 people