MY Oblong

DCR 1248

375ml Capacity

Red Color

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Embrace flexibility in the kitchen with Micro Yoga! This cookware range has been specifically designed for the microwave, and making cooking easier than it has ever been! Multiple sizes, shapes, and uses – featuring products suitable for everyone!

Unique Features

  • Full-meal cooking in microwave
  • Scratch resistant lid with air vent
  • Safe-hold handles
  • Red base which is stain-resistant
  • Easy to stack and heat
  • Nesting storage
  • Name Tagger for labelling

Usage Guide

  • Place ingredients in container
  • Release air vent and place in microwave for cooking
  • Avoid cooking foods with high oil or fat content
  • Can be served and stored in the same dish
  • From microwave to table top to freezer

For the chef in you

  • Steam small portions of fish, meat, or vegetables for salads
  • Make preps for meals and store in the fridge/freezer
  • Quick cooking of small portions of rice/noodles
  • Great for reheating hot snacks
  • Perfect for a single person