Freshetarian Superstorer

DCR 1508

2.5L Capacity

Red/Blue Color

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The ultimate freshness not just retained but also maintained for all of your food! While you take care of eating healthy, we take care of the freshness with our Freshetarian range of storage containers. With innovative features and convenient designs, this is the perfect pantry storage range for your kitchen!

Unique Features

  • Easy hold handles for carrying
  • Nutri Measure Markings
  • Matching lids and bases
  • Scratch resistant lids
  • Resistant to stain and odourless
  • TPR (Thermo Plastic Resign) seal
  • Easy to stack and heat
  • Nesting storage

Usage Guide

  • Store large quantities of food in a single container
  • Always press down the lid and hear the “click” to ensure that it is airtight
  • Store on shelves or in cabinets conveniently
  • Keep the container dry at all times to avoid the food from spoiling
  • Carry the container conveniently using the easy grip handle

For the chef in you

  • Store large quantities of monthly supplies with absolute ease!
  • Can store up to 5 kgs of rice in a single container
  • Great for storing large quantities of atta, pulses, dals, snacks, and so on
  • Can also be the perfect party server for French fries and chips
  • Make use of the Nutri Measure Markings to know exactly how much food is in the container
  • Fits just right into storage shelves, compartments, and cabinets

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