Freshetarian Press Fit Oblong

DCR 1370

2L Capacity

Orange Color

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The ultimate freshness not just retained but also maintained for all of your food! While you take care of eating healthy, we take care of the freshness with our Freshetarian range of storage containers. With innovative features and convenient designs, this is the perfect pantry storage range for your kitchen!

Unique Features

  • Unique Pressfit lid to keep containers airtight
  • Easy to stack and store in constrained spaces
  • Nesting storage
  • Snap seal for retaining freshness
  • Resistant to stain and odourless

Usage Guide

  • Store a variety of items to store in the pantry or the fridge
  • Press down the Pressfit lid to here the “click” sound. This ensures the container is airtight
  • Stack and store to save space
  • Nest one container inside the other to save space when not using

For the chef in you

  • Great for storing perishable items like fruits, vegetables, rice grains, pulses, and so on
  • Also keep dals, batters, and atta
  • Fits just right into storage shelves, compartments, and cabinets
  • Perfect for a family of 2-3

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