FF80 Oblong Plastic

DCR 2093

500ml Capacity

Purple Color

Giving a new look, feel, and functional flexibility to plastic storage containers, our FF Plastic range is about to become your new favourite! Colourful, convenient, and compatible with a number of uses, we promise you’ll love each variant and want the whole collection!

Unique Features

  • Nutri Measure Markings
  • Matching lids and bases
  • Scratch resistant lids
  • Resistant to stain and odourless
  • TPR (Thermo Plastic Resign) seal
  • Easy to stack and heat
  • Nesting storage
  • Name Tagger for labelling

Usage Guide

  • Store food items/ingredients of your choice
  • Secure the airtight lid to keep food fresh
  • Use the lid matching system to never misplace the lid again
  • Use the Name Tagger to label items and not use the wrong ingredients
  • Store comfortably and save space with nesting modular system
  • Stack and heat in the microwave or store in the fridge for convenience

For the chef in you

  • Store snacks, meal preps, ingredients for cooking
  • Also keep meal preps in the fridge or reheat in the microwave
  • Carry the container on-the-go
  • Make use of the Nutri Measure Markings to know exactly how much food is in the container
  • Perfect for a single person