FF10 Oil Sprayer

DCR 2118

300ml Capacity

White Color

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We use oil to make some of our most favourite dishes, but cooking with oil isn’t always so convenient or easy. Hence, we’ve got a “misty” and absolutely simple solution for you! Our Finemist Oil Sprayer can be used while making a variety of delicious dishes, without any chemicals and without the stress of having to drain excess oil out!

Unique Features

  • Refillable oil container
  • Non-aerosol spray with zero chemicals
  • Easy to hold and lightweight
  • Quick spray pump for an even coating of oil
  • 100% BPA free plastic container

Usage Guide

  • Fill the oil spraying container with oil of your choice
  • Pre-coat your pain/grill/cooking dish by using the pump to spray a fine mist of oil
  • Can be stored anywhere due to compact design
  • Refill whenever necessary and clean before every refill  

For the chef in you

  • Use the superfine, light oil mist for the following dishes:
  • Dosas, pancakes, crepes
  • Coating salads
  • Barbecue meat/vegetables
  • Before baking cakes/cupcakes /desserts
  • Roasted meats/ vegetables
  • Lightly fried dishes