Cook Measuring Jug

DCR 1668

500ml Capacity

White Color

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The ultimate freshness not just retained but also maintained for all of your food! While you take care of eating healthy, we take care of the freshness with our Freshetarian range of storage containers. With innovative features and convenient designs, this is the perfect pantry storage range for your kitchen!

Unique Features

  • Marked with numbered gradations to make measuring ingredients as simple as possible
  • Features a store or pour lid
  • Safe-hold handle for a proper grip
  • A soft anti-slip base to avoid spills in the kitchen

Usage Guide

  • Measure any ingredient, both liquid and dry, before using for cooking purposes
  • Close the lid to store the ingredients
  • Keep the lid on and pour the ingredients to avoid spillage
  • Use the safe-hold handle to pour to get the best grip
  • Keep the jug dry at all times to avoid any ingredients from getting spoiled 

For the chef in you

  • Measure important cooking ingredients like atta, rice, dals, pulses, and so on
  • Also measure just the right amount of water
  • Never cook too much or too little again!
  • Avoid messy pouring with spoons and ladles, and pour in the most convenient and accurate way possible
  • Perfect for a family of 2-4 and even for single people

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