Bamboo Large Plate

DCR 2102N

Natural Color

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Dine with nature, for nature! Keeping an eco-friendly vision in mind, our super special Bamboo Dinnerware range is going to make dining feel like a whole new experience. Beautiful, elegant shades and a sleek finish on every product. Say no to harmful materials, say yes to Bamboo!

Unique Features

  • Reusable alfresco dinnerware
  • Made entirely from Bamboo fibres and biodegradable materials
  • Convenient, contemporary shapes
  • Comes in 3 earthy, fresh colours
  • 100% free from chemicals and completely food safe
  • For the chef in you

    • The perfect plate for happy, home made meals!
    • Pick your colour – natural, citrus lime, or teal – A colour for everyone!
    • Give a classy yet sustainable makeover to the way you and your guests dine at your home
    • A great choice for outdoor meals and dinner parties