Eco Friendly Dinnerware made from Bamboo and cornstarch. Unbreakable, dishwasher safe. Dinner plate, bowls, tumblers, soup bowls


What do Décor and Pandas have in common? We love Bamboo!

Our brand is dedicated to living a healthy but also responsible life. So, we thought “Why not create a stunning dinnerware range that is also eco-friendly?”

Introducing our Bamboo Alfresco Dining Range – a one of a kind offering that comes in gorgeous pastel shades and offers a number of advantages over regular dinnerware. Each piece has a premium feel, and you'll love displaying them for a dinner party.

Even if the kids drop these products or stain them more than usual, you can be rest assured that they’ll stay intact!

And what goes into making this amazing reusable range? Bamboo fiber, cornstarch, other natural fibers, and a whole lot of love for Mother Nature.

2 products

2 products